White Handloom Saree With Red Violet Border

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This mercerized white cotton saree with hand worked Motka all over the aachan of saree with different color of PAR gives it a very rich and elegant look all over. The cotton used is of high quality and the saree in completely hand woven. Blouse peace also available in this saree.

Features and materials
Mercerised cotton

216inX47in & BP: YES

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Bengal Handloom Sarees—Age Old Textile Craft from Bengal Bengal handloom sarees is an age old textile craft originally from Bengal and is widely produced in the textile belt of Shantipur, Dhatrigram, Samudragarh, Phulia and Ambika Kalna. They are traditionally used by women in Bengal and they come at many different types of sarees and diverse motifs and designs as well. Tant Sarees- Tant sarees are the most common saree for its daily use. Tant sarees are lightweight, transparent and comfortable to wear. Typical designs used in tant sarees include flower, half moon, royal palace, paisley, elephant and many other motifs. Why Mercerization? Mercerization was evolved to get over the limitation of silk. It is the high price of silk and low production. On the other hand, a product was needed which could imitate the high lustre, steel-like strength, its attractive smoothness and softness, its elasticity and and its quality of taking the most delicate tints and shades in the dyeing process. Photography Variation Please note that due to the ambient lighting during photography, screen resolution of camera or your computer, there might be a slight difference in colour from what you actually see. We take great care to capture the original colour of the fabric, however, fabric is a tricky product to photograph. Therefore, if you have any clarification, please feel free to get in touch with us.

Weight 450Gm
Size Large
Color Pink,Red-violet,White
Materials Mercerised cotton
Dimensions 216inX47in & BP: YES
SKU 638
Category Saree

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