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Handloom Cotton Saree

Bong Style is a one stop Online destination for the most sought-after Handloom Cotton Sarees. Our online store is a real treat for the true connoisseurs of Bengali fashion. From the simplest to the most gorgeous pieces of saree, our online handloom cotton saree Collection has something in store for everyone. Our visual merchandisers are highly skilled, dedicated and focused in their work. They pick and choose only the best form of Handmade sarees which we eventually sell through our online store. In short, Bong Style gives you a platform where you can bargain with options and pick the ones which attract you at an affordable price range. We always strive to give you an unmatched online Bangla saree shopping experience.

These Sarees are a real treat for the contemporary Indian women. They are a true reflection of the Indian culture which is highly influenced by tradition and style. Bengal has a very old cultural we heritage when it comes to Handloom Clothing. One can trace its origin back to the 17th and 18th centuries when the trade was booming in the Bay of Bengal region.

Bong Style is a true connoisseur of traditional Bengali sarees. With an elaborate range of handpicked cotton sarees available at your disposal, you are simply spoilt with choice.

The very mention of the word cotton brings a sense of comfort in our mind. India being a predominantly hot country has a high demand for cotton textile. This Hand-Crafted Cotton Saree are a great pick for the summer months and satisfactorily meets the high demand for a comfortable piece of summer clothing. It strikes the right balance between fashion, style and comfort. Very rarely, would you come across a type of saree which would do all three at the same time. Yes, At Bong Style, we make you feel comfortable in some of the most stylish, affordable and colourful pieces of sarees. We recommend that these wonderful attires should be matched with equally appealing jewellery. We have a small collection of jewellery pieces showcased on our online store. Visit the relevant pages for more information on the same.

Today, handloom cotton sarees have a great demand in the fashion industry since it is one of the most graceful pieces of traditional Indian clothing. Bong Style, the name itself speaks volumes about the mission and vision undertaken by us to preserve and promote traditional Bengali culture and heritage.

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We are sure that you would be a head turner in a piece of traditional handloom cotton clothing. Be it a wedding or a festival, the cotton saree never loses its charm. It will always continue to dominate the scene of Bengali fashion.