Cotton Jamdani Saree

Cotton Jamdani, Dhakai Jamdani

Cotton Jamdani Saree

A variety of rich hues make Cotton Jamdani sarees an instant favourite among our patrons. We use a combination of the most vibrant colours like, cyan, sky blue, pink and white, green and yellow to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the clothes in concern. Bong Style has a very simple objective which is purely Bong! Yes, we want to promote, highlight and market Bengali handloom  and Dhakai Saree across a global audience which firmly believes in quality, style and innovation in everyday fashion.

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Our customers are extremely privileged to have complete access to a fully digitized online store offering quality Bengali fashion to a select group of customers who want to redefine the very definition of ethnic Bengali clothing. We also showcase a select range of jewellery items to compliment a pure white, yellow & green, multi coloured, printed or yellow cotton handloom  Dhakai Jamdani sarees.

Be it a simple cotton Jamdani or a Dhakai Jamdani saree with a Golden fall, this unique piece of ethnic Indian clothing is bound to make you a head turner this season! The patterns are mostly geometric, plant designs or floral designs depicted in rich thread or zari works. Be it with a matching piece of jewellery or a matching piece of footwear, the saree will always take the centre stage.

The Dhakai sarees carry an old-world charm which reflects in the texture, hues, weight and appeal. It is one of the lightest forms of sarees and carries an elegance which is simply impossible to match by any other standing form of saree. The Dhakai Jamdani or Muslin has been through a lot of ups and downs since it was discouraged by the British Raj who wanted to dominate the cotton textile market with Manchester made cotton. The decision to ban the traditional handlooms created an upheaval from the weavers’ community. To suppress the movement, the British resorted to obnoxiously repressive tactics which led to infamous incidents like the amputation of the thumb of the muslin weavers.

After India was freed from clutches of the British Raj, there was a revival of this ancient industry. Today, after 70 years of Independence, this traditional form of saree is ruling the world of fashion. Right from festivals to the traditional Bong wedding, a traditional cotton Dhakai Saree finds its way through tough competition. Yes, the competition is tough in the saree market. In this intense competition, Bong Style has taken an initiative to preserve, promote and market this ancient cultural heritage with utmost vigour and dedication.

In the modern era, the airiness and aesthetic beauty of cotton sarees have been the major reason of their popularity with today’s fashion-conscious women. This one of the major reasons why this saree has found a place in contemporary fashion. Right from a pre-wedding event to a festive outing, Jamdani Sarees are a good pick for a woman of any age!

We recommend a beautiful hand woven Dhakai Jamdani saree for our beautiful customers. You can be a head turner this season after sporting a gorgeous cotton Jamdani saree. Our range of sarees are selectively picked to match the latest urban trends. Our fashion consultants and visual merchandisers are experts in women’s fashion. Thus, our selection is the best for you!