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Hand Drawing and Hand Painted Saree

Hand Drawn Cotton Sarees

At Bong Style, we create the true elixir of traditional Bengali fashion by picking the finest of hand drawn Cotton sarees from the true experts in handloom. We are proud of our endeavour to bring ethnic Bengali fashion to the doorstep of our customers through a collection of specially picked hand drawing sarees. With extensive styles, variations and price options, the visitors are simply spoilt with choice when it comes to picking an attractive piece of high fashion saree. Our online store is a complete Bong fashion destination having a collection of the choicest of hand drawing sarees.

Bong Style offers an exclusive range of Cotton hand drawing sarees specifically designed to meet the expectations of modern women who are constantly drawn into new segments of fashion. Our exclusive collection of hand drawn sarees are an obvious craze for today’s women. The craze can easily be attributed to the unique designs, color combinations and ideas which have been incorporated in the form of a fine art. Even if it sounds astonishing to the readers, a hand drawn saree is a picture represented in the form of a saree. Floral prints, human art forms, colored facades and historical events comprise the central theme of hand drawn sarees.

Online Hand drawing, or handwoven hand painted sarees are a true delight in contemporary fashion. They are a blessing in disguise for the hard-working craftsmen who are giving their very best every day to earn their livelihood. We at Bong Style are taking an initiative to preserve this unique cultural heritage of Bengal which dates back to the 17th and 18th centuries. The business/trade took a severe jolt especially during the British Raj which discouraged handwoven cotton since it was a threat to their existing handloom cotton industry.

Today, the entire picture of the hand painted cotton industry looks rosy. The craftsmen have the access to better equipment and freedom to weave at their own will. With modern hand drawing saree design inputs from experts, the complexion of the industry is changing quickly. The outputs from the modern handloom industry have created a benchmark in the fashion industry.

Hand painted cotton sarees, are a great opportunity in itself for today’s women to create a new definition of fashion. Experimenting with different jewellery and makeup styles, hand drawing sarees are a hot favourite among today’s women. Hand drawn sarees pair well with modern fashion jewellery and makeup to give a complete look to a woman.

The sheer finesse of hand drawing sarees have been compared with flowing water or the serenity of the moon itself. Having its origin in culturally rich Persia, Dhaka Muslin or Jamdani sarees have made a significant impact on today’s fashion industry.

Bong style is a one stop destination for state of the art online hand drawing sarees which are the focal point of attraction for the ladies. We have carefully handpicked only the best which will automatically become bestsellers. We know what satisfies your taste. Thus, we carefully handpick sarees which stand out from the generic crowd.

The standard saree has a width of 46 inches and a length of 5.5 meters. They are available in multiple prices and colour options. The rich thread work and hand prints distinguish our sarees from the rest common market entities. Pick one for an upcoming occasion and notice the difference it brings to your personality.