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Khesh Saree

Welcome to Bong Style. Our collection of Khesh sarees are selective, affordable, attractive and stylish. Pick one to add value to your closet! Let the charm of traditional Bengali fashion engross you with a yellow orange, printed, cyan blue or plain khesh saree. Our Khesh saree online collection is designed to impress our elite clientele. Our honest endeavour towards fashion has already helped us bag a robust clientele from different corners of the globe. Be it the US, UK or the Middle East, our patrons take special interest in our exclusive Bengali handloom collection. Our initiative to preserve, promote and enhance Bengali heritage fashion has received a warm reception from our local and overseas customers. Such initiatives are rare, but we have chosen to be an exception in the world of fashion by going against the conventional wave of Westernization.

The Khesh Cotton saree has an interesting background. This is probably the only form of saree which encourages recycling. The craftsmanship involved in Khesh is worth admiration especially with the strips from old fabrics are woven with new threads and a fresh fabric with a new texture is created. They are 100 percent cotton sarees which are lightweight, easy to wear and maintain. The hot and sultry weather conditions in India is one of the reasons behind the popularity of Khesh cotton sarees. You can easily pick a comfortable online Khesh saree from Bong Style, the ultimate destination for Bengali handloom clothing and ethnic jewellery. Just visit their online shopping portal and browse their latest collection.

The process of stitching the khesh saree is simple. The warp comprises the new yarn and the weft comprises strips of thin cloths taken out from the old sarees. The old sarees are generally made up of cotton since the tearing process must be conducted easily. However, some old disposed off sarees are made of synthetic materials and they are being used in creating a few forms of non-cotton khesh sarees. The cost of these synthetic sarees are more compared to a conventional khesh saree recycled out of cotton. Most of the traditional weaving of Khesh sarees happen in Birbhum district of west Bengal.

At Bong Style, variety is available in abundance. You can get all varieties of Khesh sarees under one roof and get them delivered right at your doorstep. If you are still not acquainted to doorstep shopping, then let us explain the concept in detail. If you purchase a saree from Bong Style, then it would be shipped to your residential address. You do not have to take the trouble to visit a retail store to purchase a saree. Thanks to mobile shopping, your desired products are delivered to your doorstep. You also have the option to pay after you receive the product.

The Bong Style mobile app is a unique product aligned perfectly with today’s consumers. With feature rich navigation, state of the art payment gateways, rich security and easy installation has already converted this app into a highly sought-after Bengali ethnic clothing app. The app leads to a complete ethnic fashion store primarily concentrated towards Bong fashion. Sarees for every occasion! Yes, this is the true delight of traditional Bengali fashion. Bong Style is the right place to look for the right piece of saree to complement you well. Plus, you can get a number of jewellery pieces to match your favourite sarees. A rich shopping experience awaits everyone at bong Style.

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