Malmal Saree

Malmal Cotton Block Print Saree

Malmal cotton sarees from Bong Style is one of the most sought after forms of handloom sarees of the day. The saree originates from the royal state of Rajasthan and has very fine and subtle cotton texture; apt for the hot dry conditions of the desert state of India. Right here in Bengal though, the story is almost similar when it comes to the weather. The only noticeable difference lies in the humidity level. Bengal experiences high humidity levels and a fine malmal cotton is an apt choice for the sultry months. Malmal cotton sarees from Bong Style are high in style, affordable in price and comfortable to wear.

A malmal cotton saree is a great everyday wear considering its sobriety, versatility and affordability. Pick a malmal cotton saree in Black & White, yellow black, red white or red black and feel the aura around you. The cumulative effect of the radiant colors, comfortable fabric and majestic designs will help you become a head turner in a crowd.

As you sport a malmal cotton saree with a matching piece of jewelry, your fashion quotient increases significantly. As the leading ethnic fashion consultants of the day, we offer the best fashion tips to our esteemed customers to make them stand out in a crowd. Placing ethnic fashion in a modern world is a challenge which we have met with success.

A malmal cotton saree is a great pick for a festive occasion, a wedding, formal/informal parties and office. Bong Style brings out the ethnic roots within you in a sublime tone which gets appreciated by the true connoisseurs of ethnic fashion. Yes, it is true that only the die hard fashion people would know the true value of this outfit. With the passage of time ethnic fashion is crawling back to the mainstream of fashion.

A malmal cotton saree will always make you feel comfortable in the long Indian summer months. The breathability of the fabric and light weight makes it a strong contender in the world of fashion. As an ardent admirer of Indian fashion, you would be highly impressed with the advantages of a simple malmal cotton saree.

Last, but not the least! A fine malmal cotton saree is very photogenic. You will be surprised to know that it is one of the most photogenic forms of cotton saree. Weddings and festivities are always under the lens and there is a fantastic opportunity for you to look good in a traditional outfit. Check our website or browse our downloadable mobile app to browse more jewelry and traditional saree items.

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