Navy Blue Handloom Cotton Saree

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  • Navy Blue Handloom Cotton Saree
  • Sky blue border
  • Semi transparent saree with intricate designs in the background
  • Matches well with traditional jewelry pieces or conventional gold jewelry
  • Dry wash and do not bleach

When style, simplicity and art intersect; it takes the form of a Navy Blue Handloom Saree! Check our latest collection

Features and materials
Navy blue,Sky blue


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Pick this navy blue handloom cotton saree to look distinguished in an event like a wedding, office party or casual evening out. This semi transparent piece of blue handloom cotton saree is stylish, comfortable and very intricately designed to make you look distinguished irrespective of the place or occasion.

Weight 500gm
Size Large
Color Navy blue,Sky blue
Materials Cotton
Dimensions 5.5metre
SKU 798
Category Saree

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