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Handloom Black Floral Printed Mercerized Cotton Saree

Features and materials
Mercerized Cotton

216inX47in & BP: YES

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This gorgeous Cotton saree will give you a sober and vibrant look for different wearing places. Club it with minimal accessories, or (jewellery of your choice). This saree is from SHANTIPUR, FULIA, West Bengal. It’s a beautiful Vibrant colour, which can be worn on different occasions, Casual to Parties. This saree hails from Bengal. It’s quite fashionable, and famous both in West Bengal and other cities too. Wear and Feel the Comfort Level. Formerly, Bengal sarees are woven using handlooms with no machinery involved at any stage of its production. The perfection achieved is of highest level as it is completely woven by hands of human being and not machinery. The blouse shown in this picture is only for advertisement purpose, original blouse piece may differ.

Weight 490
Size Large
Color Black,Gold
Materials Mercerized Cotton
Dimensions 216inX47in & BP: YES
SKU 1029
Category Saree

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