Digital Body Print with Ethnic Look Linen Saree

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Price Include Saree Price 2900+ Shipping 200+ COD 50 + GST 154= 3295/-

•             Digital Print Linen with Multicolor Design work Saree

•             Simple Design

•             Traditional Bengali Handmade Saree

•             Can Wear in Every Occasion

•             Made from Bengali Handloom

•             Made of Pure Linen

•             Suitable for All Season

•             Very Soft and Comfortable

Features and materials
Light blue,Silver
Linen by Linen 80 Co

5.5 Meters

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Multicolor Digital Handloom Linen Saree, It is a Handmade Linen Saree, it is made from famous Bengali Handloom, very soft and Comfortable to Wear, we have varieties in Price as well as in colours, all are affordable and good qualities, these sarees are perfectly matching with Bengali Tradition.

Weight 500 Gm
Size Large
Color Light blue,Silver
Materials Linen by Linen 80 Co
Dimensions 5.5 Meters
SKU 6018
Category Saree

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